Why You Should Include Literature During Early Childhood

The importance of reading in early years to children is well established. Study after study has demonstrated that children whose parents read to them regularly have better outcomes in everything from cognitive development to language skills to concentration.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should read to your children.

Supports cognitive development

Reading to young children has been proven to support cognitive development. This refers to the child’s ability to think and understand. Reading to your child helps them to interpret the world around them. The stories and images in books help the child gain background knowledge that they’ll use for years to come. When it comes to the importance of literature in early childhood, the bottom line is that it helps them make sense of their own lives.

Sharpens language skills

Research has demonstrated that reading to young children is vital for stimulating the brain to build key language and literacy skills. The child will hone new vocabulary and grammar concepts when you read to them. This activity also helps children understand the language of books, which tends to be more descriptive compared to the spoken word.

Helps with literacy

The fact is that many children cannot read proficiently by the third grade. This starts with early childhood, as many children enter kindergarten lacking the skills necessary to learn how to read. Literacy development begins early in life and is tightly correlated to school achievement. The more varied a child’s experiences with literacy and language, the more likely they will be able to learn to read. A growing body of research shows that reading to your child improves their oral language, knowledge of alphabetic code and print knowledge.

Benefits concentration

One major concern among parents today is the high amount of time children spend with screens, whether it’s a phone, a laptop or a TV. Reading forces children to slow down and take their time. Many children’s books contain beautiful, detailed illustrations, and your child will naturally spend time looking through every detail. In the long run, this experience will help your child focus, improve their attention span and foster better memory retention.

Supports a bond with your child

The experience of reading with your child daily will help you create a stronger bond with them. You’re supporting your child’s overall development—physical, emotional, social, cognitive, language—while spending valuable time with them.

Snuggling up to read with your child creates a sense of intimacy and well-being. Even with infants, while they will not understand what you’re saying, reading to them is nurturing and provides reassurance. Babies love to hear familiar voices, and you begin forging this connection early in life.

These are the reasons why we believe in the importance of reading in early years. For a supportive, welcoming educational atmosphere, see what Assumption Academy has to offer. For 38 years, we’ve offered outstanding programs for all children ages two to six years old. We emphasize learning through play and keep our children engaged throughout the entire day. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our programs.