Before and After Care in Strafford, PA

When you’re working and have preschool-age children, it can be a challenging task to ensure they get the care they need while you’re on the clock. Assumption Academy offers convenient, safe and engaging before and after care programs for children in Strafford, Devon, and St. Davids, PA. Our warm, welcoming environment goes beyond simply monitoring play—we support children to become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves!

Before and After Care

Before and After-Preschool Care

Assumption Academy proudly offers the CARES program, providing care every day beginning at 7:30 AM with Early Birds and ending with Twilight Tots from 3-6 PM. Our before and after-preschool care program in Strafford, PA helps parents bridge the time between preschool and your work schedule, providing a safe place for kids to gear up for the start of the school day and wind down when school is over. We give kids an opportunity to play if they want to or spend some quiet time on their own if they choose.

Exploration Through Play and Activity

We structure our aftercare program to include fun, group activities as well as time for relaxation. While we understand that every waking moment provides a chance for young minds to learn and explore, we also know that sometimes kids just need to be kids, and our CARES program allows them to do just that.
Our before and after-preschool care program is staffed by experienced, devoted and caring adults. Every member of our staff works to create an atmosphere of acceptance and comfort for all children. We ensure every child feels welcome, valued and cared for.

After-Preschool Care

Assumption Academy will once again be offering the CARES program.

CARES Packages for 2022-2023

Choose the package that works best for your family

Teacher Special Business Persons Special Commuter Special
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
$250 per month
8:00 AM-5:30 PM
$392 per month
7:30 AM-6:00 PM
$504 per month
Early Birds Twilight Tots
Everyday beginning at 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
$168 per month
Everyday from 3:00- 6:00 PM
$336 per month

CARES Drop in $12 per hour
Late Fee $3 per 15 minutes
After 6:00PM late fee is $10 per 15 minutes
10% Discount for second child

Explore Before and After Care Program Today

Assumption Academy provides quality before and after care for preschoolers, helping parents bridge the gap between work hours and preschool hours. Our safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect place for kids to be themselves and enjoy their day. Learn more about our offers, which also include a Mommy and Me program and outdoor preschool teaching, and contact us today at 610-688-5277.