How to Prepare Your Child and Know They Are Ready for Pre-K

It seems like just yesterday that your child was an infant, but now they’re getting close to big-kid territory. You’re wondering if they’re ready for preschool and what you should do leading up to this milestone.

Let’s look at the leading things to do for preschool preparation.

Potty training

Not every preschool will require children to be toilet trained, particularly in cases where they’re younger than three years old or have special needs. If your child is four years old and/or enrolling in public pre-K, then it’s likely they will need to be out of diapers. That said, if your child needs some help in the bathroom or has an accident, this isn’t uncommon, and you should expect that their teachers will help. Put potty training on your getting ready for preschool checklist for everything to go smoothly.


The importance of parents reading to their children on a daily basis can’t be overstated. Have books in every room and in the car so that whenever your child wants a story, you can deliver. By this age, they may be recognizing letters on their own. Work with them on sounding out words as well. Most importantly, just read them their favorite stories and spark that love of reading that will serve them for years to come.

Encourage independence

Pre-kindergarten is a time of transition for children. You can make that transition smoother by guiding your child to be more independent. Whether it’s allowing them to struggle with putting on clothes or accepting that the sink will be covered in water when they wash their hands, take a step back from doing things for them. It may be tough for you both, but it will be helpful in the end. Honing these valuable skills will help with preschool preparation.


One of the fun things about children at this age is that their language skills are developing rapidly. Take the time to have conversations with your child about whatever they want to talk about. Kids at this age love to make up stories, tell you about their favorite stuffed animal and show off their knowledge of shapes and colors. Ask questions to get them talking and listening as much as possible.

Mental prep for pre-K

Especially if your child is attending a new school, it’s a smart idea to begin discussing preschool early and often. Tell them about what their day will be like. Visit the school. Play pretend games that mimic the structure of the school day. Listen to your child’s concerns about going off to school. Keep steady morning and bedtime routines. Once school begins, your child will be mentally ready for the experience.

We hope that these tips fill out your getting ready for preschool checklist. Assumption Academy is a Catholic preschool and kindergarten serving the needs of families for young children. For 38 years, we’ve offered excellent learning programs in a safe atmosphere where children can grow. Contact us to find out more about our curriculum and beliefs.