2024 -2025 Preschool through Kindergarten

Registration has ended.

Admissions Policy

Kids Going To Academy

Registration Information

Admissions: the provisions of services and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color,
religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age or sex.
Program Services shall be made accessible to eligible persons with disabilities through the most practical and
economically feasible methods available. These methods include, but are not limited to, equipment redesign, the
provision of aides and the use of alternative service delivery locations. Structural modifications shall be
considered only as a last resort among available methods.

Enrollment Information

We offer preschool through kindergarten enrollment on a yearly basis, and we recommend getting your registration information
in early—spaces in our Strafford, PA academy fill up fast. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you register
your child:

  • Registration form, birth certificate and a non-refundable $200 registration fee required.
  • Tuition payments begin in July, made in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.

In the event of an extended leave from school (vacation or other extended travel), tuition must continue to be paid
in order to retain a place in the classroom. If you do not continue to pay tuition, your child will be considered
withdrawn from the school and a child from the waiting list will be given the space for the remainder of the school

Class Age Restrictions**
2 year old class Children must be 2 years old by September 1st
3 year old class Children must be 3 years of age by September 1st
4 year old class Children must be 4 years of age by September 1st
Jr. K class Children must turn 5 by January
Kindergarten Children must turn 5 by September 1st

**There are no exceptions to these dates
The school policy states that all children 3.6 years of age and older must be  potty trained and independent in
the bathroom upon admission.

Children who are 3 years of age should be in the stages of potty training

2024 Monthly Tuition Breakdown

Tuition is collected on the 15th of each month beginning in July and Ending in April.

  • 1/2 Day program = 9:00AM-12:00PM
  • Full Day program = 9:00AM-3:00PM
  • To enter 2 year program 2 by 9/1/2023
  • To enter 3 year program 3 by 9/1/23
  • To enter 4 year program 4 by 9/1/23
  • To enter Jr. K program 5 by 11/1/23 and must have completed 1 year of PreK
  • To enter Kindergarten 5 by 9/1/23
  • Any exceptions must be approved in advance

Tuition Schedule 2024-2025

School is open from 8:00AM until 6:00PM Monday – Friday for children ages 3-6 years
School hours are 9:00AM-12:00PM for half day and
9:00AM-3:00PM for full day students

2023 Tuition Rates are listed weekly for 40 weeks paid monthly

2020-2021 18-36 Months 2 y/o – Jr. K Kindergarten
Toddler Talk $15/Session NA NA
3 1/2 Day Program
M-W-F (AM)
NA $137.50 ($5500) NA
5-1/2 Day Program
M-F (AM)
NA $159.50 ($6380) $159.50 ($6380)
Full Day Program
NA $189.75 ($7590) $189.75 ($7590)
  • Tuition assistance is available; see FACTS MANAGMENT  to apply
  • 10% discount for second child
Monthly Tuition Schedule Tuition Date
Tuition 1 July 15, 2024
Tuition 2 August 15, 2024
Tuition 3 Sept. 15, 2024
Tuition 4 Oct. 15, 2024
Tuition 5 Nov. 15, 2024
Tuition 6 Dec. 15, 2024
Tuition 7 Jan. 15, 2024
Tuition 8 Feb. 15, 2024
Tuition 9 March 15, 2024
Tuition 10 April 15, 2024

CARES fees 2023-2024 (2024 to be determined in January)

Full time monthly rate listed

AM CARES only: 8:00-9:00 AM $125 p/m
PM CARES only: 3:00-6:00 PM $375 p/m
Both AM and PM Cares  2 hours – $250 p/m Combined 3 hours – $375 p/m Combined 4.0hours – $500 p/m
*fees discounted by 10% for each sibling
*adjustments available