Outdoor Classroom

Assumption Academy is giving children the opportunity to explore the wonders and complexities of the natural world, firsthand. Learning in the outdoors is a truly wonderful experience for every kid, fostering a life-long love of learning and an appreciation for the wider world around them.

Outdoor Preschool

Learning Directly From Nature

In concert with modern child development research findings, the concept of the Outdoor Classroom is built upon the premise that children are complex beings. To nurture the whole child, early childhood education should follow the fundamental principle that children are learning everywhere and all the time. Each day is an opportunity for a brand-new, amazing discovery!
We believe that children need a broad variety of learning experiences and opportunities to grow in areas such as fine motor development, social-emotional development, language development and creative expression.
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The Outdoor Classroom

The Outdoor Classroom plays an important role in educating the whole child, providing young minds with hands-on opportunities to learn and discover the world around them. This educational format is very different from the traditional elementary classroom, offering activities that are personally meaningful to children and fully embracing developmentally appropriate practices in early care.
Assumption Academy’s outdoor preschool gives Strafford, PA early learners the opportunity to spend time learning and exploring surrounded by nature. Our outdoor classroom includes:

  • Three large flower beds
  • Chicken coop
  • Composting station
  • Circle meeting area
  • Observation station
  • Sensory walk

Children are given many opportunities in terms of both self-directed exploration and directed learning. They can get down and dirty working in the garden, weeding, planting and harvesting. They also get the chance to feed, entertain and clean up after the chickens, experiencing the magic of animal life firsthand.

Nature Preschool