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Catholic Early Childhood Education Center in Strafford, PA

Assumption Academy is located in Strafford, PA right between Wayne and Devon. We’ve been serving the needs of families with young children for 40 years and offer excellent learning programs for children aged two to six years old. Our school is where children come to learn and grow in a safe atmosphere that’s rich in cultural diversity. You can always rest assured that in our welcoming environment, love and respect are the everyday norm.

Our goal is to provide a warm, supportive environment that fosters a positive learning experience and encourages children to explore and play in the world around them. We emphasize learning through play and keep our children engaged throughout the day. They’ll never be bored here—there’s always something to discover!

We’ve been serving families in the local community for 40 years.

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The curriculum is structured to maximize every child’s individual experience with us, no matter how old they are. We offer music classes and STREAM classes. Our innovative approach to learning includes a full outdoor classroom, giving students the opportunity to learn while surrounded by nature. We also have a Mommy and Me program that gives caretakers the opportunity to take a hands-on role in their child’s early education. Before and after care is available for children ages 3 to six.
Overall, we believe that play based early childhood education provides positive, lasting benefits for the youngest of minds. At Assumption Academy, we believe in establishing a strong foundation for learning where children are encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Keystone STARS School
We’re a Keystone 4 STAR School, meeting all PA Department of Education standards.
Full and Half-Day Classes
Full and half-day classes are available for children between two and six years old.
Passionate Educators
Classes are taught by highly-educated master teachers who have a passion for education.
NAEYC Accredited
Accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Belief Statements

Early childhood education has positive and lasting benefits for young children. At Assumption Academy, we believe in establishing a strong FOUNDATION for learning where children are encouraged to develop to their full potential. Therefore,
Assumption Academy strives to provide a foundation that is…

  • Fostering Faith, Fun and Learning Daily
  • OLA = Support + Outstanding Opportunities
  • Understanding Each Child’s Unique Worth
  • Nurturing a Creative Environment
  • Developing Social and Emotional Well Being
  • Affirming the Inquisitive Nature and Wonder of Each Child
  • Teaching Teamwork
  • Inspiring a Love of Learning and Exploring
  • Opening Minds and Hearts to all Possibilities
  • Never-ending Fun and Adventures
Christian Preschool

Our goal is that every child views learning as a positive experience and embraces Christ as the center of life.

We believe that every child is loved by God and should be greeted with smiles and love. Assumption Academy provides a warm, nurturing and safe environment. It is our privilege to assist our students in becoming kind, capable and confident individuals who are ready to meet future challenges with enthusiasm.
As Catholic educators in partnership with the parents and through the creation of an inclusive, positive and fun atmosphere, we encourage our students on a daily basis to achieve their best. We foster a spirit of community service by reaching out to those in need through our OLA Outreach Program.
Together, we dedicate ourselves to the development of excellence in every student by an academically enriched and interactive curriculum and a Catholic moral formation. Our hope is that each child grows in their love of God and learning.

Where a Lifelong Love of Learning Begins

Assumption Academy is dedicated to providing excellence in pre-kindergarten/Kindergarten education and care for children.  Reach out today to learn more about the program or to schedule a tour. Proudly providing a Catholic preschool and kindergarten to the families of young children in: Strafford, PA and surrounding areas!
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