What Your Child Should Know Before Preschool

Most children will spend the first few years of their lives either at home with a parent or in daycare on a regular basis. However, by the time most children are three years old, they will start to have more educational and social activity options. While kids are not expected to know a lot at this age, there are some skills and pieces of information that your kid should know before heading to preschool. There are various things to know and essential skills for preschool readiness that you should focus on when getting your child ready. 

Potty Training

One of the most important skills that your child should know and be consistent with is potty training. A child should be able to use the bathroom, know how to put their clothes back on, and understand basic hygiene. While teachers understand that mistakes can happen, they should be limited for a child. Many schools may not even allow a child to join a class if they are not completely potty trained when going into school.  

Basic Social Skills

It is also helpful if your child has some basic social skills before they go into preschool. While most kids at three years of age or younger will prefer to play on their own, this can be an important time when it comes to making friends. Having your child spend some time with other kids their own age before going into preschool is a good idea. There are also positive social skills that you can enforce at home that will help them be prepared for their first day.

Basic Academics

While preschool will spend some time learning the alphabet and numbers, it never hurts for a child to have some basic understanding of those concepts. Finding ways to teach your child the letters and numbers can help give them a leg up in the classroom and allow them to build some confidence.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are important for everyone, and this skill is something that tends to be cultivated at a very young age. You should try to speak to your child like a person and have honest conversations with them. It can also be a good way for them to learn how to communicate, as opposed to reacting emotionally, if they are not happy with something that has happened. 

Any parent with a young child will want to ensure they are doing all that they can to prepare their kids for preschool. While kids should be excited about going to school, there is a what your child should know before preschool checklist that should be followed before your child goes to school for the first time. Ensuring your child has this background and skill in place can help ensure they have a positive overall experience as well.