Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

Starting preschool is stressful for both toddlers and parents. It’s a time when the excitement of starting school is mixed with the anxiety of being away from home. To reduce the stress of starting school and make it seem more like a great, exciting adventure, parents can prepare their children to make this milestone as seamless as possible.

How To Prepare Your Child for Preschool?

Learning to spend time apart can be difficult, but spending some time preparing for the day will make the transition easier. 

To lower the anxiety of being left in a strange place, arrange a visit where you can show your child around the school and let them meet their teacher and a couple of classmates. Your child will feel braver when they are left in a place that feels familiar. 

Listen to your child. Your child will be more likely to be excited about starting preschool if you show enthusiasm and support by talking about the school enthusiastically and explaining what to expect. You can talk about all your child’s new friends and make playschool seem exciting. But don’t let your enthusiasm get so big that your child will be afraid to share their fears about starting school. Let them express both their anxiety and excitement about starting preschool. Remind them that even though they start a new journey, you will always be here to support them. 

Checklist for Your Child’s Preparation for Preschool

Preparing your little one for preschool will take time to get you both used to the new routine. Your child will need to adjust to getting up for school every day, spending time at school, playing with other children, and learning new skills. Practicing some of those things before the first day will make your child feel more confident and excited. Here is a list of different skills you can practice at home before your child starts school:

  • Teach them how to hold a pair of scissors correctly. Most preschools use scissors in their activities, and holding them can feel tricky if they do it for the first time. Letting your child cut paper or straws at home will make them feel much more confident when they are expected to do it at school.
  • Teach them how to color. Children develop their small motor skills through drawing and coloring. These activities prepare them for writing and reading in the future.
  • Show them how to recognize their name. Most preschools use cubicles or hooks for children to put their belongings when they arrive at school. If your child can recognize their name written on a card, they will be able to find the correct cubicle to put their bag, coat, and lunch box without any hassles.

Going to preschool is a big milestone that your child needs to achieve. It is a highly emotional time for both of you, but keeping a positive attitude about this change and practicing some needed skills beforehand will make the transition fun and happy.