Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

You might think that your child is ready for kindergarten if he or she knows the alphabet or knows his or her letters numbers. While these are important skills, they’re only one part of preparing your child for kindergarten. A child’s social and emotional abilities are just as important when making this significant leap.

If you’re wondering how to prepare your child emotionally for kindergarten, then read on.

Fostering independence

One tricky thing for every parent is learning when to allow your child to struggle. Because young children have difficulty controlling their emotions, you may be tempted to jump in and zip up their coat or help them use a pair of scissors at the first sign of frustration.

But it’s important from a developmental perspective to allow children to learn to do these basic things themselves. Encourage your child to put on his or her coat, wash his or her hands and use the bathroom without assistance. These abilities will help him or her throughout his or her day in kindergarten and beyond.

Developing social skills

Many of us haven’t been social over the last year-plus. When you feel safe to do so, begin scheduling playdates. Take your child to the playground, and encourage them to interact with others. Sign up for fun activities and events. Give your child every opportunity to learn about how to interact with others appropriately. These skills will be crucial to helping them make new friends and work with others in a school environment.

Practice for the big day

Once you’re close to the beginning of school, you want to make sure your little one is as prepared as possible. Here’s one fun thing to do: Have your child draw his or her morning routine, and add labeling as needed. If he or she has a plan to follow (e.g., wake up, wash hands, eat breakfast, pack a bag, etc.), this consistency will help. Your child will also enjoy coming up with the plan and drawing pictures to go along with it, which hopefully will make him or her more excited.

Then it’s time to try out the plan a few times. This shift in the daily routine can be dramatic, especially if your child hasn’t attended school before.

Get them familiar with the teacher and school

If possible, set up a meeting with your child’s kindergarten teacher. Take a tour of the school as well. This will help your child understand the new environment he or she will be in. It will also provide an opportunity for your child to ask any questions he or she may have. In cases where an in-person visit isn’t possible, request to do a virtual one. All this will help your child feel as comfortable as possible when he or she finally goes to the big-kid school.

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