Ways to Encourage School Readiness Skills in Preschoolers

Children learn so many valuable skills in the first few years of life, long before they head to traditional K-12 schooling. Building these skills is essential to helping students begin their educational journey.

Being ready for school means more than having basic skills in language and math. Preschoolers learn social and emotional skills as they socialize with their peers and play with children from a range of different backgrounds. Read on to learn more about school readiness for preschoolers.


At a preschool, children are encouraged to be more independent, which will hopefully lead to greater confidence. With things a child might ask for help with at home—such as using the potty, washing their hands or putting on their shoes—they’ll be encouraged to do on their own at school. Plus, children in preschool will have the opportunity to work with other children to solve problems.

Social skills

One of the most important things children learn at preschool is how to interact with other children. From honing conversation skills to playing with others, they’ll expand their world every day. They’ll also learn basic school skills like taking turns, forming a line and raising their hand.

Self control

Behavioral learning is another critical part of preschool education. Children going into kindergarten should have an idea of when it’s acceptable to be loud and when they’re expected to be quiet. They should also be able to follow simple directions and know how to play with others.

Language development

Your child seems to be learning new words every day, often leaving you wondering where they pick up these new words from. A preschool can play a vital role in helping children clearly communicate their wants and needs.

Teachers will support students in the give-and-take of classroom interactions involving questions and answers. They will also read stories to the children and work on learning their ABCs, creating a foundation for literacy.

Fine motor skills

Students entering kindergarten need basic physical skills for success. This includes using scissors, holding a pencil and anything else that requires a level of specific manipulation. While things might get a little messy when they use glue or glitter, crafts are a great way for kids to fine tune these abilities that will prove useful throughout their life.

Thinking skills

Your child may have already learned some of the basics like object permanence. Preschool is a great time to use their natural curiosity to spur development. From learning about animals to figuring out cause and effect relationships, preschoolers are continually figuring out the world around them.

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